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FOCUS ON THE FUTURE ( a word about COVID-19)
It is true that we live in a world right now that is troubling. Toilet paper is leaving th
e shelves faster than Spaghetti O’s, Clorox Disinfectant wipes are the new rag for blowing your nose, and I went to the store recently and found no milk on the shelves, which could mean we have a shortage of cows. To make matters worse I have washed my hands so much, they are beginning to look like a person in their 80’s which may mean I am now am in the high risk category for the sickness. But lets be serious, people are really worried right now! I am not talking about worried like you breathe in and a flaming hot Cheeto goes up your nose, I am talking worried like you just failed your math test and your teacher is on the phone with your mom. Around the country right this is something we can see.
~~~~~~~On a side note how close is the word country, to county, like could those words be closer together. Whoever made those words should have tried to to name them something different. We live in a country, but we also live in a county. I don’t like that. Why can’t we live in a country, but the smaller area we live in is called like a landspace, or something, I don’t know I’m not a scientist. ~~~~~~~~~~~

Back to my previous thought. It is scary the times we live in. That is why it is good to focus on the positives. We still have a huge supply of oxygen to breathe, we may have to use a mask, but dear God it’s there. We have plenty of trees to look at while we are quarantined in our homes, we have carpet and hardwood flooring we can lay on as we think about what the future holds. 

My point is we must focus on the future. Take a day at a time, and a moment at a time and be thankful for the things we have. Like cheese, boy could I go for a nice slice of cheese right now. I think ill go get that. 

Have a good one.